Find a Cheap Antivirus without Compromising Security Aspect

Admittedly, in this recession there are some financial adjustments that you should take. Limiting your spending budget is the one. In computer aspect, software spending might be bigger than the hardware’s. But eventually you could save big in this area. Unlike hardware, software product doesn’t have what we called “bill of material”. Single software can be multiplied thousands of time without any extra cost. Distributing it digitally not using any media disk makes it even cheaper. That’s why lots of software publishers do not afraid to offer big discount for their products. This is also true for antivirus publishers. And when that happens, make sure you are on the receiving side of the game as you can save lots of extra valuable dollars.

What makes saving money in the antivirus department is so important because more and more security companies offer their software with service-based license. This means that although you have the original copy of the software but doesn’t mean it will be servicing you for the rest of your live. The antivirus will stop servicing in a specified time, usually one year, depending on the type of license you buy. Now imagine that you keep paying this service year after year after year. There is definitely a large room of spending you can save in this department.

At first, skipping the security department might seem tempting. But if you think about it, completely leaving your system without any protection at all can cost you more especially if you have important jobs online like working, shopping, or banking there. Yes, there are steps you can take to avoid any malware threats without the use of any additional software. But the fact that they come from virtually everywhere makes it’s impossible for you to guard these channels and stay alert all the time. These threats not only come from the obvious red-zone sources like adult websites and illegal software distribution sites, but also from the sources that are usually marked as green-zone like optical disks and new preinstalled computers. So, can we be paranoia and monitor every single thing assuming that we have the skill and time? Why don’t we live the normal way and let antivirus do its job while we do what we love?

So, compromising your digital life is of course not an option. What you need instead is a discount antivirus software to make your spending more controlled. So for starting point, check our page of Discount Antivirus that is filled with cheap antivirus and internet security suites that are discounted up to 50%. You can find all big security brands from Symantec Norton, AVG, Trend Micro, Panda, ZoneAlarm, BitDefender, ESET, F-Secure, to PC-Tools. All of the promos are directly offered by the security publishers themselves to PC Software Adviser readers.

As additional tips, if you favor Norton, Trend Micro, or Panda product lineup but turned off by their price tags, take a look at the more affordable yet solid solution like AVG or ZoneAlarm that is currently having 50% discount. And you should recognize three types of suites every security publisher’s offer. The first one, the very basic package, is antivirus. The next is internet security. The last and the most features-packed suite is called differently by each publishers: Norton 360 by Symantec, Extreme Security by ZoneAlarm, Global Protection by Panda, Total Security by Trend Micro. Basically the more features you have from the suite, the more expensive you should pay. If you are interested in the most advance package, you can compare Norton 360 with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security. Both have excellent score from the critics but have very different price tags.

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