In this economic condition, budgeting expenses is harder than ever. But don't make that as an excuse to not update your antivirus software, don't jeopardize your digital life. Here at PC Software Adviser, we find solution by colaborating with various major security publishers to give you the best deal and promotion on antivirus and internet security products that you have known so long. Inside, you can find product discounts and coupon codes from Symantec, Trend Micro, Check Point, BitDefender, to AVG.

Recently in PC optimization and registry cleaner trend, although many registry cleaners have monetized largely on the niche, very few packages truly offer legitimate capabilities while more and more products being identified as internet scams. Read on to find the whole truth about the brotherhood of registry cleaner scamming and pick yourself a trustful product.

Now you can stop dreaming about those pricey media center PC. Just set up your PC in your living room, and you're done. Because here comes XBMC Media Center, an ultimate media center experience that comes free.

You don't need to completely disconnect your line to the internet just to make sure you avoid getting your system infected by any malicious software. Not only will you lose all the advantages the World Wide Web offers, you might not be well-protected as well this way. What you need to do is follow our simple tips and steps to avoid being another victim.

Tips on How to Speed Up Your Computer         

You might be wondering how your high-spec PC now becomes slower and slower like a snail when running any software. Don't be puzzled, here we hand you some suspects in our full coverage.

Free Goodies for Your PCs           

Who said that all that is good isn’t free? Well guess what, below are listed free PC software that can help your activities. You might surprise on how deep all of these software really are.

Spotmau PowerSuite Review

TuneUp Utilities, System Mechanic, and Advanced System Optimizer are all competitors for this not so high profile package. But you will be blown away with the richness of features and functions Spotmau PowerSuite offers over those three products.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 Review

I have the opportunity to be one of the first to test the final version of the new TuneUp Utilities 2011 before the retail version arrives. Opening the box, surely there is huge expectation for the program as it constantly becomes the best Windows optimization software. How well this package answer my expectation? Read on!

AVG Internet Security 8.5 Review

AVG is best known for its extraordinary free edition of their AVG Antivirus. How well their internet security suite competes with the other top contenders? You will upgrade instantly when you find out the answer.

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