Modifying Your Desktop Appearances


Bored with the same old display your desktop shows you? Why don't you change the appearance of it? These are some simple tips:

1. Change your color theme

Windows XP by default use blue color theme. But under its hood, it hides another two more colors, silver and oliver green. To change the color, right click on any point of your desktop and choose Properties. Select ‘Appearance’ tab bar. Under ‘Color scheme’ select the color you want to choose. Or if you want something different, you can try another official Microsoft's theme like this Royale style from Windows XP Media Center version here.  This version offers the same blue colored theme like the default XP theme but with shadow and glow effect here and there. Not enough of a punch you said? Well you can always try a wide range of third party or public themes right here. But please note that most of these XP themes require you to have Style XP installed.

2. Change the font with the one that you like

Admittedly, Windows default icons' font is plain. So it's why we suggest you once a while to go a little wild and use a more cartoonish and joyous font. To do this still under 'appearance' properties, click 'Advance'. Inside, click the ‘Item’ pull down menu and scroll to ‘Icon’. Under ‘Font’, choose the font that you like, set the font size (average between 10-12), and the color of your choice. In this same pull down menu, you can also choose the font of other items like the menu and message box fonts.

3. Install sidebar to enrich your desktop experience

Sidebar like the one offered by Google Desktop by free offers some extra look to your desktop. Inside the taskbar you can add a wide range of gadgets from analog clock, crystal ball weather, system meter, to news feeds from your favorite sites. You can download Google Desktop here.

4. Install wallpaper changer

You can set your wallpaper to change by itself in every decided hour, minute, or day. Just pick a range of your favorite pictures and you’re ready to go. Just Google yourself to find the best free wallpaper changer application, there are a wide selection out there. Ok we make it easy for you, please click here. 

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