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What Defines a Complete Registry Cleaner?


What defines a complete registry cleaner? You might be right to answer a software that can clean up your registry, simple and straight. Besides, this is the reason why it is called “registry cleaner” right? But hold on right there. If you search a registry cleaner for the first place to optimize your system and make it run more efficiently, then I should tell you that your “defined” registry cleaner cannot meet your need. Furthermore, you should crumble the idea of a simple registry clean up can optimize your system because it simply will not work.


The problems that make your computer run slower than its peak performance is more than just registry-related.  Your underperformed PC might be caused by heavily fragmented chunks of sectors in your hard drive that are accumulated overtime. There are also junk files that you should consider due to burden they give to your system in sorting out and indexing. Abundant startup entries are also becoming the culprit on the lag of Windows process at startup. Another possibility is that there are settings in your Windows that are not optimize and suit you very well. The most related examples are Windows shutdown wait time and automatic network folder and printer activity. These two operations take noticeable amount of time at shutdown and at boot time. There are many other Windows settings that active by default but you might not need it.


All of these examples show perfectly that in order to make your system run faster you need more than just a clean and optimized registry. In doing that, you also need a free fragmentation disk, a free junk files system, an optimized entry list of startup programs, and finally a well suited Windows settings that match your needs. Disk fragmentation for instance plays a big role in causing your system running slower. This is true because any activity you do with your system is related heavily to the activity of accessing the data stored on your hard drive before the system then process it into graphics, movies, music, texts, or anything else. When your data is fragmented heavily, and I guarantee it will not be long enough, your system needs longer time to search and process it.


This explanation might lead you to think that you should expense more money than you have budgeted for a registry cleaner. No, you are wrong. Most of the jobs above can be done by Windows internal tools like disk defragmenter and disk clean up. Furthermore, although Windows has no registry cleaner module, you can download an absolutely free registry cleaner like CCleaner without ever need to buy the commercial product, it has same function and effectiveness. And once more, be extra cautious of a so called “free registry cleaner”. Most of them only offer you with free scanning.


At this point, you have all the tools you need to optimize your Windows. Some tools are already available inside your Windows. The other individual tools are offered by the publishers who are kind enough to give you their product by free with no twist. And at the end, you get a complete package of Windows tune-up tools without spending any dime. But of course, don’t forget to put them together all in action to get the optimum impact. Regarding the Windows setting tweaker earlier, be sure to check all of Windows settings that are required for your system to run optimal.


For those of you who still need to automate and integrate all of these functions into one single operation, make it a set and forget process, apparently you need a Windows tools and utilities software. Unfortunately unlike registry cleaner, there is no publisher who wants to offer this product for free. But fortunately, the budget you have prepared for a registry cleaner might be sufficient to buy the package. What special about this kind of software is that not only does it give you all the tools you need to optimize, fix, tweak, and beautify your Windows, but it also offers a more solid quality from each individual tools. For example, software like TuneUp Utilities gives you a dynamic and actual system monitor that makes optimization more optimal in each system. For those of you who concern more about security and recovery, Iolo System Mechanic even offer an antivirus protection and a recovery console in case your Windows fails to boot.


In final words, I hope you enjoy the coverage. For those of you who prefer not to spend extra dollars just for Windows optimization, there are free available tools both within the Windows and in the internet. While in the other hand for those of you who have little time, expects more, yet do not like the idea of digging deep into technicality of tools and utilities, then software like TuneUp Utilities and System Mechanic can meet your needs.








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