Windows Cloning Software

Move Windows to New Hard Drive without the Hassle of Reinstallation

If you buy a new hard drive with a larger room and plan to make it your primary disk for your Windows, it surely will take some time. Not only will you need to reinstall your Windows, which will probably take you from about one to several hours to perfect-complete, you will also need to reinstall all of your applications, tune it up to meet your setting preference, readjust Windows setting and its desktop, exporting and importing your browser’s data, and not to mention tiny little things that matter to you most like maybe those dozens of desktop shortcuts to quick access your work documents. And what if there is something left behind and being forgotten to pick up while the old disk has already being wiped out? This tiny but abundance factors makes reinstalling Windows is not an easy choice, especially if your current system is becoming your daily working system: Every single thing matters.

Overall, the whole process of creating a new house for your Windows requires you to have a strong hearth. But instead of doing this painfully, you can do this in an easy and smart way by using disk cloning software. Like its name, disk cloning is the process of copying the entire content of one of your hard drive to another. This activity includes copying your Windows with all of its settings and configurations, applications, and documents.

A disk cloning software can help you do this by a click of a button. There are so many disk cloning software out there like Acronis True Image, Norton Ghost, O&O Disk Image, or Paragon Drive Backup. All of these software are priced between $30 to $70. Acronis even has a specific product to help you migrate your Windows to another disk that is called Acronis Migrate Easy. This package is of course priced lower as it’s missing some features from their primary Acronis True Image product.

Aside from their ability to clone your Windows or your entire data in your disk, they also let you clone partial part of your disk in any way, like folder to partition, folder to folder, partition to partition, or partition to image file, using any media available to your system. Not only that, you can do all of these operations outside Windows in case you cannot get inside because of system failure or other things. And in the process of installing a new hard disk, this factor alone is a big boost for you when choosing an easy way out.


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