Free Registry Cleaner Software
Why Pay When You Can Get It Free?


If you need a registry cleaner to clean up your registry, hold on a second before you download  a commercial registry cleaner software that honestly are priced so high that you might reconsider why you need such a software. Besides, why pay when there are some good guys offering their registry cleaner product for free? But be careful though, much so-called free registry cleaner are simply just a scam in disguise. These products are basically just trial versions with limited function that will only grant you scanning function but not repair. After they astound you with thousands of error findings and alarm you that those errors will cause your system instability, they ask you to pay for the full version to remove the problems. But don’t be afraid, free registry cleaner do exist. The free status of this software is not only good for your pocket but also for your system safety. Read on to find why.

If you recently experienced Windows problems, it might exist in your registry. Most of the problems inside the registry happen because there are so many activities taking place on your Windows, from installing and uninstalling programs, customizing Windows, to software conflicts. Unfortunately, Windows itself is not good enough at cleaning its own house. Someone may suggest that you should use a registry cleaner to fix all of the mess. Although this might be a good recommendation, there is no guarantee that a registry cleaner can solve your problem. PC with its Windows is already being the most complex architecture among other systems, let’s say a Mac or PC running on Linux. Although it is designed to make PC more customized and more “accessible”, it opens to more problems. Although being a home to thousands of Windows settings, registry is only one aspect of Windows. Thus, you cannot rely on a registry cleaner to fix your Windows problems. It is why a free registry cleaner is important because you can see whether the problem is registry-related or not without ever need to spend money.

Beside that obvious fact, there is also one factor that makes a free registry cleaner your safest bet when encountering Windows problems. All Windows registry cleaners are driven by algorithm engines. Each registry cleaner has different kind of algorithm that makes some packages are better than the other at solving problems. But this does not necessarily mean that any registry cleaner that finds more errors is above the rest. In fact, in recent years there are many naughty registry cleaner publishers who use this argument as a base to promote a product that astounds you with high amount of error findings while actually it is only an exaggerated result with so many false positives. In fact, the software will remove and alter entries in your registry and other files on your system which actually are still needed. As a consequence, it might corrupt your Windows and you might lose important files.

If what you want is a truly free registry cleaner, actually it is so hard to find one in the time where there are so many scams are spamming the keyword of “free registry cleaner” and the like while only very small that really exist. But don’t despair, software like CCleaner are available absolutely free for you to download without any twist. You can also compare the CCleaner scanning algorithm with the commercial products’ like Advanced System Optimizer. Don’t worry, it offers a fully functioning product in their 30-days trial versions.

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