Got suspicious that your PC has been infected by viruses or other types of malware? Or maybe you don’t have any clue at all whether or not you have been infected. Anyway, regarding the effect and damages any malicious software can do your system, we advise you to take a look at this list of infected PC’s symptoms and see if you find one of them or more in your PC. The symptoms are that the PC has:

1.        running too slowly lately

2.        displaying fatal error messages

3.        displaying distorted menus and dialog boxes

4.        preventing you from running or accessing some specific programs or files

5.        preventing you from accessing disks or disk drives

6.        automatically hiding or deleting some files/folders/programs from your system

7.        renaming your programs/files/folders in an awkward way

8.        crashing and restarting on its own every few minutes

9.        not allowing you to run your operating system properly

10.   displaying weird symbols or signs while running your system

11.   frozen or locking up often and promptly interrupted any tasks

12.   continually popping up ads that you can't make go away

13.   directing you to sites you didn't intend to visit

14.   enabling you to print correctly

Even though some of these symptoms might have been caused by other causes such as corrupted registry due to hardware failure or such as heavy disk fragmentation, but it is better for you to running a virus scan using an effective, up-to-date antivirus software to making sure what’s the problem is. If by any means your antivirus fail to run after you run a scan or even before you install it, then it very certain you are infected. This is very unfortunate of course, because you have caught first before you even got your defense run and ready. If this happens, there is no other way other than find an assistance on those who know well how to remove a virus. If you do not have the time, fortunately, some major antivirus vendors offer remote assistance in removing this malicious software with extra cost of course. But even if your vendor does not provide this, they usually had small removal software that designed specifically for certain threats.

Last words, we can only say that prevention is better than cure. It is better for you to got a research on how to find the best antivirus solution earlier rather than find a way to remove it latter then had your important data and information in jeopardy. Regarding this matter, you might want to read our coverage on getting all the information you need to know in finding the right antivirus software on Choosing the Best Antivirus Software.


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