You already know that you need antivirus software to guard your PC. But to decide which product is best for you is a whole different matter. Among so many alternatives being offered all with perplexing technical information, you need to be alert not to fall for the useless ones. In order for you to do some effective comparison, here we list all the main features you should look for when doing an antivirus software comparison.


You need to know what kind of threat it can protect you from. Spyware, adware, trojans and worms are becoming a very big threat now and have been used in cases of identity fraud. In addition to protection against virus, you need your antivirus software to be capable of uncovering those malware threats too beside being able to handle virus. In addition, you might also want to try out new technology like IDP (Identity Protection) offered by AVG in their AVG Internet Security 8.5. This technology promises that it can learn the behavior of new threats without ever needs a signature update. Although it is still new, it looks promising.

User friendly (Easy to use)

See whether the product provides an easy to use interface and also whether it comes with a manual or user guide. 

Virus definition updates

As new viruses are identified, an update in its database of viruses is required for an antivirus software. Check if the software can perform regular update automatically. Daily update is a mandatory these days.

Real-time Scanning

Using a product that provides ‘real-time scanning’ means that a virus will be automatically detected as soon as it tries to get onto your machine.

System resources consumption

Get more info on how much of the system resources are required in order for the antivirus software to operate.  Both when it runs in the background and when it runs full system scan. Some products may slow down your general computer processes.

Technical support

Find out what kind of supporting services it provides, such as a live chat service, a call center, 24/7 online mail service, or even remote assistance.

Now you can make a comparison based on these main features we’ve discussed. Comparing price is logical, but when it comes to choosing antivirus software, it is not just about the price. After finding your ideal product, you will feel tranquil and secure.


When you need to purchase internet security software packages to protect your PC, you got a number of choices. You can simply buy the software because you feel secure and comfortale enough with the level of support included in the paid antivirus internet security. Or you can get yourself the trial versions before purchasing the full program.

Anyway around, there are some good reasons why we think you should try it out first.

 ·         Most antivirus companies offer a limited time trial such as two weeks or 30   days version of their product. This is a great benefit for those who are often overwhelmed by the total number of options they have to choose from.

·         By getting the free trials, the user has the opportunity to get a “feel” for the software, to see if they are able to run it easily, and also to test the user interface to see if it is intuitive and user-friendly enough.

·         What might seems works and looks fine for other people does not necesarily quite the same for you. Thus, it is important to feel for yourself the software you are going to use. For instance, it might fast enough for your friend, but not for you.

After using and testing the security suite software on your system, you can make the decision about which package is the best antivirus software for your needs. By then, it’d be much easier to decide which software to purchase.


AVG Internet Security - Tough on threats.


Simple Thoughts

You might know everything about computer. Andyou might even know every pattern of new viruses, worms, and trojans.But save yourself a time and install a goodantivirus. Because the effort of fighting against virus attack is a day and night struggle. While unfortunately, you need something to replace your place there so that you can do something else more important.Get a life.



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