Before you could make a choice on the right registry cleaner as the solution for your computer registry issues, you need to carry out a comparison on registry cleaners. Unfortunately, a lot of comparison table that exist around the Internet aren’t that complete. It would only be a waste of time unless you compare the right features that are crucial for you to take into account when choosing a registry cleaner. The most important features to consider are:

1. Registry Backup

Making a backup of your current windows settings and registry files allows you to undo your changes and revert back to the previous settings whenever something goes wrong. So, this is your safety net. Backups can be done both manually and automatically. Only consider Registry Cleaners that automatically backup your registry and system files prior to doing any removal or repair.

2. Scan Ability

Get to know just what the registry cleaner scans when it runs and what kind of errors it can find. Some registry cleaners scan the Windows Registry along with your system files, and startup folder. The more complete the registry cleaner is when it scans the better chance it will pickup errors if they exist. It will report to you where there are errors, empty registry keys, and other problems, that are causing your system to bog down.

3. Repair Function

See if the registry cleaner offers both automatic and manual repair of errors found. The automatic repair means that you let the software do the hard labor for you with the click of a button. It’s even better if the registry repair utility allows you to schedule automatic system repair at regular intervals. On the other hand, doing manual repair requires you to go through each item one at a time to ensure you want to repair it. It can be risky if you don’t really know what you are doing. Although the manual repair functionality is more for advanced users, it’s still worth having.

4. Startup Management

Having too many programs starting when you boot up your computer is one of the most common reasons to a slow PC performance. Many good registry cleaners come with Startup Manager, a clever tool that allows you to manage and reduce your startup programs and make Windows load faster and boost up your PC performance.

5. Additional Features

It is quite vague to compare the extra features offered by each registry cleaners. However, it’s still worth noting and taking into consideration because one or more of them might appeal to you.


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