Spotmau PowerSuite
A Complete and Easy to Use Emergency Repair Software for Windows


Spotmau PowerSuite is a low profile emergency repair software that can be your only hope to fix critical Windows problems in the most unexpected situation. Its ability to boot up your computer when your Windows fails and run wide range of recovery tools within its easy to use interface make this sub $50 package highly recommended. It is for you who want a quick do-it-yourself fix to various Windows problems but do not want to spend extra cost for multiple software.

The company behind the product, Spotmau Corporation, is relatively new in the industry. But its new status does not make them shy of big achievements both as a computer service company and a software utilities developer. As a service company, they have served big companies from different backgrounds like Boeing, ExxonMobil, J.C.Penney, and US Air Force. In software development, they started it all with PowerSuite 2007. It is the root of current PowerSuite series. In its early version, PowerSuite recovery console that is called BootCare is still in DOS-based interface. In spite of its limitation at that time, big media welcomed it. PC Magazine editorial review and latter some smaller media coverage helped spread the news. And this cannot be underestimated as any new product lacks of potential and quality will fail to even get mentioned. But somehow, they got the buzz.


Our Spotmau PowerSuite 2010 Review shows exactly why this emergency repair software should garner your attention. Most importantly to point out is that the package offers you to run various recovery tools outside Windows. This is very important in a state when you can’t boot up your computer. This feature is also rarely offered by other competitors. Only Iolo System Mechanic and UBCD4Windows can quite meet its challenge. But Iolo SM limited applicable recovery tools and UBCD4Windows complicated boot disk preparation have made Spotmau PowerSuite the better choice.

Its complete arsenal of tools and utilities makes PowerSuite also directly compete with Windows utilities software like TuneUp Utilities or Advanced System Optimizer. When we are talking about utilities software, we are talking about a package that fundamentally has all the features needed in Windows maintenance, optimization, and customization. These functions usually include Windows registry cleaner, file recovery, file encryption, and Windows settings tweaker. The more features a utilities software offers, the better it stands above the rest. And the more genuine its features are, the harder to beat it will be. In a time when the market is very saturated and every company can copy and refine the product their competitors have almost instantly, it is difficult to find one. But Spotmau PowerSuite is unique. 

As an all in one package, PowerSuite offers an abundant supply of utilities like file recovery, partition manager, registry cleaner, file encryptor, personal lock folder, disk surface scanner, and lots of small additional features like wallpaper changer and digital memo. These features are more than most utilities software can offer although it would be nice to see integrated antivirus in the package. But for what it lacks, Spotmau makes up in its other unique features like Windows login password retriever, Ms product key finder, and full disk backup and cloning. This is not to mention its BootCare module. Besides, many utilities software with integrated antivirus have poor detection rate. So it’s not worth to mention.


BootCare module is useful to recover your Windows from boot failure problems. Windows can crashes by many ways including virus or worms, registry errors, lost system files, and a corrupted hard drive. When you encounter such problems, just put your Spotmau PowerSuite bootable disk in your CD drive and let it boot up your computer. The BootCare graphical user interface will offer you lots of recovery tools and guide you through the process. You don’t need to be a geek to operate the module because unlike System Mechanic’s Drive Medic that has Dos-based interface, BootCare is very graphical. From there, various recovery operations can be done. You can do full disk restoring to revert back the system state before problems like virus infection or corrupted system files happen. If you have corrupted master boot record and missing NTLDR, it also can help you solve those matters. Or if you are in a hurry for a meeting, just transfer your presentation files to another removable device that will easily be recognized and leave the problem to be solved latter. Although it has its limitation, you will be surprised on how many recovery possibilities PowerSuite can offer.

With all of these abilities, PowerSuite still has an issue. It is worth to mention that its individual tools is not as good and powerful as other software that are designed specifically for one single task and purpose. For instance if we compare PowerSuite Clone Genius with Norton Ghost, you will see the quality gap between them. The same will also be found when we comparing its Partition Genius with software like Acronis Disk Director Suite. Its PC optimization features is also far below TuneUp Utilities. It is true that PowerSuite has all basic capabilities of disk cloning, partitioning, and system optimization that the other software feature. But it is small additional capabilities that are absence. Then again, you are wrong to break apart each of its features as separated individual tools.

Spotmau PowerSuite is meant as a whole. It is a software that is designed to help you boot up your computer and do various Windows recovery and maintenance from there not only just back up or partition your drive. Besides, it is unfair to compare a sub $50 product with a collection of software that if they are bundled together will cost you hundreds of dollars. So if you are currently concern with one single problem like disk migrating and have no worries of anything else, I suggest you to pick software like Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost. But if you concern about various Windows problems especially those that make your Windows fails to boot and the cost to fix them all, Spotmau PowerSuite will powerfully suit you.





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