Top 5 Registry Cleaners, System Optimizers, and More
Take a Peek at the Best Windows Utilities Software


You all know Windows registry cleaner software. Many of you probably still believe that this single software with single ability can multiply your system performance several times faster. There is also a belief that such software with limited capability can cure every problem that your Windows has. While cleaning up your registry might make the registry works efficiently, it does not necessarily mean a better performance for your system. There are so many factors that make your computer not running in its peak performance. The complexity of Windows also means that simply cleaning up your registry cannot make all your Windows’ problems go away.


Looking for another solution, there is a type of software that offers a combination of tools and utilities that will actually lives up your hope. It is Windows utilities software. Integrated registry cleaner, disk defragmenter, junk file wiper, and Windows settings tweaker have already became standard issues for all the suites in this type. The fundamental function of the software is bringing all the separated tools into one place with easy operation. Because if what you want is individual tools, Windows and internet already give almost all of it for free. Windows utilities software is for you who have little time, expects more from available individual tools, but do not like the idea of digging deep into technicality of tools and utilities. Furthermore, some suites even offer maintenance services that can truly repair your troubled Windows. The ability to boot up your system independently then fixing your hard drive surface for errors, repairing damaged Master Boot Record, and cloning your entire hard drive is one example of service that is not available for free anywhere. This is why a Windows utilities software is like a glass of water in the desert just when you need it.


Make no mistake, although you can have all of these powers on your palm, some packages are priced as low as any commercial registry cleaner on the market. But unfortunately, the market is already crowded, there are so many publishers who offer you their suites. Even big security publishers like Symantec and Zone Alarm have jumped into the competition by integrating optimization tools in their security products. But don’t worry, you don’t have to bother yourself diving into the hay stack just to find which Windows utilities software best suits your needs because we have already done it for you in this lineup. Hope you enjoy it.


TuneUp Utilities has enjoyed the spotlight of wide online coverage that very few other Windows utilities suite has for the past couple of years. It has won many awards from big online media. This is unsurprising because TuneUp Utilities has all the materials that are needed to make the best Windows utilities suite. From the intuitive menu that beautifully designed to the dynamic and actual system monitor in the welcome screen, you can see that it has the gut of a solid product. TuneUp Utilities is the tool for a complete computer newbie to a power user. You can take advantage of the One-Click Maintenance button that will do every optimization functions for you on one hand, while you can test your skill in customizing the Windows registry with its customized registry editor on the other hand. You can also accept TuneUp Utilities’ recommendation to optimize your startup program list and let it do the optimization. But at other time you can pinpoint for yourself manually which program hold your system back at startup. Other software might have TuneUp Utilities features like registry cleaner, TuneUp Styler, or disk space explorer. But none can match the quality of every individual tool it offers. You will see it when you run its smart registry cleaner module that will do a second or third scanning to check and recheck whether previous cleaning troubles another keys, making it almost impossible to ruin your registry. The TuneUp styler makes other Windows desktop customizer look badly simple and its graphical Disk Space Explorer make miss-spotting a file in your hard drive impossible. All of these qualities make TuneUp Utilities the champion among the Titans

A low profile utilities suite that can be your only hope when your PC fails to boot. At first look, you see Spotmau PowerSuite as general Windows utilities software with lots of arsenals. Even at this stage, you can witness that Spotmau has stuffed PowerSuite more than any other product can handle. Disk clone and restore, partition manager, and password recovery are all the tools missing in its competitors. Actually, many publishers will charge you around $50 for each of these tools. But don’t be mesmerized yet, because at closer look, Spotmau has equipped PowerSuite with other ability that no other software has come to mimic: Bootcare. Although Iolo System Mechanic can help you with its Drive Medic console to repair damaged hard drive, partition, and boot record through a bootable media, Spotmau PowerSuite steps further. Instead of just limiting number of tools that can be operated outside operating system, it gives you the power of all of its tools outside any OS. You know what it means in a time where you cannot boot up your computer? It can scan and fix your registry for errors, it can transfer any files you like to extended media that will be easily recognized, it can clone your entire hard drive, it can edit your partition, and it can even recover your lost files. All of these operations are done easily outside Windows. And the sweet thing is Spotmau even has slashed their price from last year’s $100 price tag into a more teasing one. With all of these greatnesses, at different day, Spotmau PowerSuite can easily beat TuneUp Utilities. Unfortunately, I can’t show you these greatnesses before you buy because Spotmau does not provide us trial version. It’s a shame because who knows with different approach and different promotion, Spotmau might reach the same spotlight as TuneUp does.

System Mechanic has two flavors, basic version and the Pro version. Although being the pricier version, The Pro version is still a little bit cheaper than most of the top performers in this lineup. In the Pro version, Iolo equipped System Mechanic with antivirus and firewall, a complete security package for you who frequently go online and download files. Although Advanced System Optimizer also equipped with antivirus protection, but it lacks many premium security features including firewall. System Mechanic is built from the basic toward Windows recovery and maintenance. You can see it from its Drive Medic. This module is basically a set of maintenance tools to restore and repair damaged hard drive, partition, and boot records in a case when you fail to boot up your Windows. This is a great additional power tool for an already solid Windows utilities suite although not as advance as Spotmau PowerSuite.

Cheaper solution for your demanding needs of Windows utilities suite, Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) gives you all the tools its competitors offer with far lower price. File recovery is the one main feature that is left behind by Systweak. Although they integrate their Advance System Protector Personal Edition, their latest antivirus protection, into its Spyware module, it is not integrated very well into the entire suite: It stands on its own interface and run as an external program. Not only that, you can download the module as individual software for free directly on Systweak website without need to buy ASO. In security aspect, Iolo System Mechanic Pro simply offer a more balance protection with its antivirus plus firewall protection. But you should consider ASO’s low system impact and Windows 98, ME, and 2000 support for your old system. It is quite suitable for your netbook or low-end system.

A well-balanced Windows utilities suite if only it is priced a little bit cheaper. Although Ashampoo slates the price tag of its product same as TuneUp does at $49.95 and although they also stuff it with all the tools you need to optimize, fix, beautify, and tweak your Windows, it is just that WinOptimizer does not quite meet the standards set by TuneUp Utilities with its solid individual tools, Spotmau PowerSuite with its mastery of recovery console outside any OS, nor System Mechanic Pro with its additional security modules. If only Ashampoo dares enough to set the price of WinOptimizer at the same number as Advanced System Optimizer, it will directly challenge Spotmau PowerSuite and TuneUp Utilities. Currently for what it has, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a complete collection of all the tools you need for Windows maintenance and tweaking that has easy to use interface. Applause should also be addressed for Ashampoo in bringing a complex software with low system impact. Final word, wait for a price cut. Based on our experience, Ashampoo frequently gives you special discounts within the time trial limit.


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