Computer freezing can be caused by various reasons. Here, we’re going to discuss a three-step easy fix you can do when dealing with computer freezing.

It will guide you through in searching for errors that might exist on your computer and repairing them. So you’ll be able to fix it on your own instead of giving it in to a computer repair technician and being charged an expensive fee for it.

The Windows Registry

You might already know that windows registry is the home to all those settings on your computer that makes it the central control system for your entire PC. As you’re doing your activity on your PC, windows continuously writes and removes pieces of data from the registry and over time it can become full of outdated information, errors, invalid entries and duplicated items.

All these junks can bog down your computer performance and even cause your PC to freeze. Therefore, you need to clean your registry from unused files and entries and delete any errors that exist.

The best way to clean your registry is by using a registry cleaner tool. First, you can use a scan tool to check for errors that might be causing your PC to freeze. Some products such as RegCure, let you download the scan tool for free.

However, the scan will only help you to check for errors, not repair them. After you find the errors, you will need to pay for a full version of the software to clean and repair your registry and free your PC from freezing.

Spyware Attack

Spyware can get into your computer while you’re visiting various websites or downloading pirated software. Spyware sneaks behind the scenes and it usually slows down the PC performance. Obviously, for all the reasons that range from mild discomfort to risky threat, you need to get rid of the spyware.

You can check for spyware by running a free scan offered by some spyware removal programs. If you do find any spyware, you can get rid of them by using programs like Spyware Doctor, Spybot Search and Destroy, Spy Sweeper, etc.

Specific Program Issues

If you notice that your computer is constantly freezing with a specific program, you will need to either repair the program, or remove and then reinstall it.

Make sure of these two things before you start to remove the program. First, you have backed up any files associated with that program. And, you have the copy of the software available to reinstall it.

You can remove the program through the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, and then reinstall the program. Then, from the backup you made, restore the files you use with that program.

Searching and repairing errors using these three approaches should fix your PC freezing problem. However, the effectiveness relatively depends on your choices of registry cleaner tool and spyware removal program.



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