Are You Searching a Solution for All Your Windows Problems? Windows Utilities Software Has It All

Are you searching a solution for all your Windows problems but already getting tired with all the generic registry cleaners that all give you empty promises? If so, you might have chosen the wrong type of software. If what you are looking for is a complete system optimization and ultimate Windows maintenance software, you need more than a registry cleaner. Why? Because logically, optimizing, maintaining, and repairing your complex and multi-aspects Windows needs more than one single tool. For instance if your Windows fails to boot, there are so many factors that could make this happen. You might have corrupted hard drive, missing important Windows system file, a virus infection, or even the combination of all of them. Registry cleaner cannot help you on this. But a combination of tools that can help you boot up your computer and run hard drive’s surface diagnose or virus scanning from there can surely help you out. This is what a Windows utilities software can offer you.

The complexity can also be apparent in optimization standpoint. There are more than registry aspect that could slow down your system performance. Simply put, in order to optimize your system, among others, you also need a free-fragmentation disk, an efficient startup program list, a free junk files system, and finally properly configured Windows settings that match your System characteristic. Actually, almost all the tools you need to achieve this condition are already available free inside Windows and in the internet. The problem is that not all of us are quite agree with the idea of running dozens individual tools, setting it up, and then, for some purpose like Windows settings configuration, knowing exactly what to tweak.

Windows utilities software is the software for you to do a one-click system optimization. Unlike registry cleaner, Windows utilities software combines several optimization operation outside registry aspect. Not only that, some software can even monitor your system’s status with dynamic and actual data. Thus, it will give different recommendation for different system scenario.

The features of Windows utilities software don’t stop there. Most products in the market are stuffed with more tools than Inspector Gadget has in its pocket. Generally, a Windows utilities software is equipped with at least 20 main features. The best of them include file recovery, file wiper, file encrypter, disk space explorer, registry cleaner, Windows settings tweaker, and visual styler. The list will be longer for some special products. These products do not hesitate to throw you major features that if sold separately will cost at least half of the entire package: antivirus, drive backup, and password recovery.

Among the general features a Windows utilities software has, file recovery should attract your attention more. With this feature, you can bring back to life the file that you already deleted or formatted. The file wiper function is the opposite of the recovery function. Instead of bring to life a deleted file, it make a deleted file stays unrecoverable. Regarding file confidentiality, you might also love file encrypter. One thing that should not be missed in Windows customization aspect is visual styler. Most packages let you customize your windows appearance by replacing Windows themes and icons as well as applying transparency effects to your taskbar, start menu, and individual window. Finally, there is one feature that will give you total control over your Windows: Windows settings tweaker. Inside, there are access to dozens of hidden Windows settings that you will not find anywhere in your Windows. Some even offer access to Ms Office settings, instant messenger, internet browsers, and even email clients.

For those of you who have difficulty managing and controlling your hard drive population, disk space explorer should come in handy. With this feature, you will get a big picture on what fill your hard drive. It will supply you information such as top space-wasting programs and files, dominant and most common file types, and detailed information on file population. The information is presented with graphical presentation. With the chart, you can focus your attention to the folders, files, or programs that take a lot of space and decide the next move.

Most major Windows Utilities software only support Windows XP and Vista. But there are several exceptions like Systweak Advanced System Optimizer. Most of the products’ price tags are ranged from $35 to $50. Then again, let’s be honest, this is Windows all-in-one utilities suite with so many great features most of which are none to be seen in a registry cleaner that are priced as high as $40. Nowadays, the market of Windows utilities software is already jammed. Even big security publishers like Symantec and Zone Alarm have taken a partial part of the market by integrating optimization features in their antivirus lineups. Thus, it makes choosing the right product becomes more difficult. But you don’t have to dive into the hay stack because we already do it for you and summarized the Top 5 Windows Utilities Software. This should be you reference and guideline to choose which product best suits your needs.

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