Adware and spyware

There is another kind of malicious threat that has an objective to steal your important data and information. The information itself can range from your record of what sites you come and visit every day, your online password, to information of your credit card numbers. The first threat is adware. Adware is a software, which when installed, downloads advertisements from the Internet on to the computer it is installed on and then displays them. Due to the fact that no one will download it voluntarily, Adware often comes bundled with some software. Generally, the makers of freeware or shareware software let Adware come bundled with their free software as a cost recovering solution. Once you downloaded the freeware or shareware software, every time it is being used, the Adware will start displaying advertisements from the internet whether you are using your web browser or not.

The problems with Adware are not merely some level of inconvenience caused by all the unwanted advertisements that keep popping-up while you’re doing your work on your PC or the slowing down performance of your PC; it is much more hazardous. Most Adware tracks a user’s online activity, and such tracking raises privacy concerns. The Adware tracking features cannot be disabled, so it is extremely dangerous and should be removed if you notice it on your computer. When an adware react like this it can absolutely identified as a spyware. Spyware is actually a program that tracks your movements on the Internet. As soon as this simple program that allows web developers target potential advertisers based on where their visitors went online has been turned into a thief, it becomes even more dangerous than ever. It is now able to capture your username, password and account numbers and report them back to the originating system. This can destroy your life within a second.

Another issue that becomes a concern with this spyware is its ability to place a Trojan horse on your computer. As explained before, you might run the Trojan voluntarily because you think it will serve a useful purpose such as a game or even antivirus. Like a "Trojan horse" it serves not as it claims, but to damage files or perhaps plants a virus into your computer.

This is why you need to make sure that you have good anti-spyware software on your systems. Since it’s been proved that spyware now presents a new level of complexity and seriousness of problems, spyware removal programs have become as sophisticated as the anti-virus programs. Adware removal feature is also supported by most of the same removal programs. Furthermore, the all-in-one internet security programs such as AVG Internet Security 8.5 and ZoneAlarm Extreme offers full defense against all of these malicious software.

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