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So now since you know which of which and what damage they do, you might want to know what you can do to avoid being infected by these malicious software. Even more, you might want to design your own scenario of the best way possible to defense against it.  But any plan you choose, it is always recommended for you to always update the latest security patches for your operating system and your Internet browsers from time to time. Do not forget to use a good anti-malicious software to make your internet life easier and minimized infection from any of these 21st century culprit.

Remember, viruses don’t necessarily let you know that they are infecting your computer. People often don’t realize that their PC is infected even after experiencing those inconveniences. It is recommended that you have your computer checked with a current virus checking program. So, be protected. Once a virus is on your computer, there is nothing more important than removing it and preventing further infection. We also might advise you to activate your windows firewall feature to prevent an unwanted application and internet processes to access your system. And last, you may want to try system virtualization in which you have a cloned (virtual) system running on your original copy so that when virus related disaster come, your original system are safe. But most of the time, this is not quite effective as well as inefficient.

            As a closing, we want to tell you a simple argument: Even if you might know everything about computer, and even you might know every pattern of new viruses, worms, and trojans, the effort of fighting against virus attack is a day and night struggle. While unfortunately, you need something to replace your place there so that you can do something else more important, your hobby and your job for example (well except if your job is in antivirus agency). Thus, the only solution from this matter is that to build something that can automate itself in building the defense and can update itself whenever new threat appears.  Yes, it is a program we all called as antivirus. There are so many antivirus software out there, from freeware to trial ware (meaning that you can try it out for a period of time until the license is expired, usually the period is 30-days). But before you moan more, there are a lot of free antivirus programs that are quite powerful out there. Here are six of our recommendations:

1. AVG Free Edition

2. Avira AntiVir

3. Avast! Home Edition

4. ClamWin

5. Comodo Anti-Virus

6. PC Tools Anti-Virus

But please keep in mind that these free antivirus programs are great for stand alone, offline PCs, and single or some malicious software threats. But if your PC is traveling a long way home in the network (online), we might suggest you to download the more upgraded versions, the full versions, or whatever they refer to the more-featured versions. These versions offer protection from all malicious software including spyware and adware which in fact can be a medium from which viruses, worms, or trojans penetrating and then lurking inside the deepest space of your PC. And even some internet security software offer breakthrough prevention systems. For our recommendation, we have reviewed our pick for this one. Read it here




Have a taste before you purchase

By getting the free trials, the user has the opportunity to get a “feel” for the software, to see if they are able to run it easily, and also to test the user interface to see if it is intuitive and user-friendly enough. More importantnly, does it suit their needs very well?

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