This is a list of some common questions and their answers that we collected ever since we tested PC Registry Programs. Got a question and couldn’t find the answer here? Just ASK US! You bet we will give you the answer.

I got a new PC. Is this still necessary?

From our experience, we find that the older a PC is the more it has errors. This is due to all installing and uninstalling activity and other activities you usually do with your computers throughout the years.

Still, even if your PC is new, we certainly suggest you to get some form of registry cleaner and run it regularly. It will surprise you to see just how many errors your PC has in its registry, despite its new condition.

Isn’t it just experts who need the registry cleaning thing?

I used to think so too. But the fact that it’s not difficult to do and it’s indisputably useful makes it important for all PCs. Even if your PC already running fast, you might want to keep it running that way. And to keep computers running like they should requires an efficient clean registry. It’s not even difficult to get, because scanning and fixing your registry only takes a few seconds. There are even some tools that will do all the work for you, and you only need to schedule the task.

Is it safe?

No wonder you would worry. The registry is the core of the computer. Consequently, making changes in it raise the risk of bringing chaos to your system. Essentially, the makers of the registry software have fully acknowledged the problem and with extreme cautious, they guarantee not to create tools potential to cause problems or distortion.

From our experience, we have done hundreds of scans with massive load of registry cleaners on our tests computers and never had to restore from backup. Also, all good tools perform backups before changing anything. Current registry cleaners are totally safe, so don’t worry!

How frequent should I run scan?

We’d suggest you to run a scan every week. It depends on your preference whether to run registry scan by hand or get a software to run it on a schedule. Make it a routine and find a fix time within a week to do it regularly. This regular on-schedule scanning will keep your PC performance on the top level.

What’s with the price difference? Why are some tools more expensive than others?

While most registry tools are priced around 30 dollars, there are some that cost up to about 40 dollars. The case here is the more expensive ones don’t necessarily mean the ones with better performance. By reading our reviews, you will figure out some cheaper tools that outperformed the more pricey ones in any way.

What is the advantage from fixing my registry?

These are the three foremost reasons you’d want to scan and repair your PC’s registry.

1. To remove all the junk that already been there.

You’ll be quite shocked to see the amount of junk and useless files your PC stored.

2. When your PC already showing errors.

When your PC starts displaying error messages, locking up or crashing, on the cases of which some people will bring their PC straight to the repairing center, you just need a simple registry scan that would clear the problem at lower price.

3. To protect against upcoming problems.

Through regular registry scanning, you’ll be protected from disturbing PC errors or crashes.

Can I use the registry editor provided by Windows?

Using registry editor that comes with Windows allows you to edit, delete and do other basic tasks with individual parts of the registry. But if you want to use it to track down hundreds of broken registry entries, it would take you forever. A scanning tool would find and fix the problem painlessly.

Regretfully, Windows doesn’t include the best ever registry cleaner for free with their software as you might think. So in this case, you will need a third party tool to solve the problem.

What things are actually being fixed when I perform a scan?

When you run a registry scan, you will notice all kinds of foreign things that it has scanned and fixed. There are various types of this alien thing. See the article ‘What Registry Software Do’ for more discussion on the topic. To understand PC registry terms, see ‘Glossary’.


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