What is Windows Registry?

Windows Registry is a home to all those settings on your computer. All information about everything that is on your computer is stored in Windows Registry. Almost every activity you’re doing on your computer involves registry. Activity and information like changing your Windows Wallpaper, installing a new font, updating new driver, or installing new software on your PC are all stored in the Registry. So how important is this registry? Clearly, it has lots of use. Anytime your PC needs information about something, it asks the registry. And this can go dozen times only in a single second.

When you do a number of ordinary tasks on your computer every day like moving a folder or uninstalling a program, they all involve the registry. The problem is the registry isn’t good enough at optimizing and cleaning itself. There’ll be pieces left behind, that in a little while will be accumulated, and soon become potential to cause various irritating computer errors like error messages, computer slowdown, crash, and so on.

The key solution is to get your registry under control. And the best way to do that is by scanning and repairing your registry. The scanning is very easy to do, so no need to worry. You can even get a free registry cleaner to do the job. As soon as you get your registry scanned and repaired, you might have a better and improved performance from your PC. Although registry is not the only factor that makes your computer not performs in its best shape, but still, optimizing your system must be start on something. And registry is the perfect point to do that.






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