What Can Registry Software Do?
Is It a Perfect Solution to Fix Your Windows Problems?


Finding a perfect solution to fix your Windows XP problems is probably not as easy as it sounds. First, you can try to find a local Windows maintenance service. But this of course does not come cheap and not flexible also at the time when you are in the middle of nowhere. Then, there is a do-it-yourself option. But honestly, even many PC enthusiasts avoid this path due to alarmingly large number of Windows XP problems they can found everyday from small to the very big ones. It is just not possible to surrender most of your time to the world of Windows maintenance service. There are so many things you can do, live your life for instance. This leaves us with only one option and it is by trusting it all to the registry cleaner and Windows system optimizer.

Registry cleaner and Windows system optimizer software are actually not the new breed of software. Both of them exist to repair Windows problems. The difference between the two is that the first exists mainly to found errors and clean your registry while the second one offer more features and abilities namely disk defragmenter, startup editor, and lots more. They have been around since PC and its problems exist. Their tasks are to help you in both repairing and optimizing your Windows system and its registry. But of course as Windows grows larger in its complexity, so does its problems. Basically, a software publisher comes out with such a software by initializing three steps: analyzing most common Windows and registry problems; find the best solution to repair them; and crate a software algorithm that can make all of these operations done automatically. Regarding this matter, you should check whether or not your registry cleaner have the best analysis and repairing algorithm around.

The algorithm will be put to test when confront with common problems such as obsolete add/remove program, invalid application path, empty registry keys, wrong file association, and invalid reference of shared folders. These are all common small problems but can be quite annoying sometimes. Among these, there are problems that only cause unnecessary space usage like empty registry keys and add/remove program. Other problems, like wrong file association and invalid application path, can make your program won’t run completely. Most of these problems can actually be repaired by yourself. Wrong file association for instance can always be settled by setting the program you want a file to be associated with so that every time you click the respective type of file the program will automatically open it. In spite of that, this is only one among so many similar Windows problems. Imagine each of these problems have dozens of invalid keys and wrong entries to be repaired and you get a hectic time to spare there to fix your Windows by yourself.

Outside those problems that can be fixed by yourself, there are certain registry-related problems that is too risky to be repaired this way.  These include Com & ActiveX, DLL problems, and virtual devices/.vxd. Certain critical problems on one of these aspects can cause application failure, system crashes, or errors when opening documents. Furthermore, the trickier thing is that in order to repair it, you need to open the registry editor. It is an advanced choice for an advanced user. This Windows internal registry editor is not a GUI feat both in the eyes and for your technical understanding. Everything is text based and it is very easy to make a mistake in the registry editor. This is exactly why most of us keep the old good registry cleaner do their excellent algorithm jobs.

As a closing, we want to remind you that despite of being a hope to fix your Windows problems, registry cleaner cannot give you full guarantee that all of your Windows problem can be solved. There are many possibilities that make your Windows troubled. In fact, it might be your hardware devices that caused such problem. Whatever it is, we advise you to isolate the problem and find which factor causes it. After that, it will be safe enough to purchase something to fix the suspected cause. If you still insist that it is a registry-related problem, don’t just straight away buy those naughty registry cleaners which promise you they can fix everything because you can use free registry cleaner instead. Besides, much of those products sell empty promises and not more than scams in disguise.

If there is a software that you can count on to fix your Windows problems, it is a Windows utilities software. But not all of them can lend you a hand on this one because most are just good at PC optimization. But some of them really can offer you the recovery stuff. Spotmau PowerSuite 2009 for instance, it can help you boot your PC in a case when your Windows fails to. From there you can run all of its countless recovery functions like partition and master boot record recovery or hard drive surface





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