RegCure Review                
Forget What Others Say,
There are so Many Better Registry Cleaner Out There than This One

RegCure from Pareto Logic is probably one of the most aggressively marketed registry cleaner products out there by the internet affiliates. Pareto Logic themselves claim that RegCure can cure your mysterious PC freeze symptom and optimize your PC performance to multiple times. But here is the question: does RegCure deliver what it promises? Well, empty all of your presumptions because this is the real story about RegCure. And as a brief summary, I can say that RegCure simply cannot compete well even with a generic registry cleaner in the market. Sadly, not only that its $30 price tag for one year service for only one computer license is almost as high as a Windows utilities software that has so many premium tools, Regcure also fails to meet all of its promises.

I started my testing process by downloading RegCure directly from Pareto Logic website. The downloading process was very easy as the installation file itself was only 2 Megabytes in size and only needs less than 10 Megabytes after installation. Honestly, I am always quite critical when downloading any software that has size that small. Because in the time when programming language becomes more complex, we should question ourselves “is the programming language within that tiny space enough to make it run smoothly with no glitches?”

Continue to the interface, RegCure menu screen offers a very simple navigation that is both uninspiring and bland. You will be welcomed with a big scanning button in the main menu area. With this button, you can conduct an instant registry scanning and optimization process to find errors. But unfortunately if you download RegCure trial version, Pareto Logic does not allow you to do any repairing and optimizing activity after scanning. This will definitely leave you wanting even more especially after it shows you an alarmingly large number of errors in your registry and informs you how critical the condition is. But in my experience, what are informed as errors are not necessarily means actual errors. They can just be false positives which mean there is nothing wrong there. And this is when a registry cleaner’s integrity is tested.

At the time I scanned my system, RegCure found 1,396 problems. I compare this result with the top registry cleaner software and found very different results.  TuneUp Utilities only spotted 119 problems and Iolo System Mechanic only found 139 problems. Both software consistently inform us that there are only less than 150 registry problems. Could these well known, long running registry software be all missed what RegCure finds? You should suspect there are so many false positives inside RegCure’s scanning result. And surprise, it does have problems with its scanning engine capabilities: It is so aggressive that even valid registry keys and important Windows’ files are swept away. Complaints Board and Ripoff Report have already been filled with so many customers who condemn the product as a scam or a bogus registry cleaner. Some customers even go further by revealing that it has killed their PCs. Ok, if one or two unsatisfied customers who voice their disappointments, it is still arguable whether the software is really disappointing or not. But if lots of customers echo the same thing over and over, you should be a naïve to go even further by buying it.

Regarding this matter, I recommend you to prioritize registry cleaners and system optimizers with fully functional features in their trial versions. This way, you can prove that what they claim as errors can be cleaned and optimized safely. And don’t forget to backup your system before do anything with the software. One thing that should be your guideline when searching a trustful software is that a good software publisher will always gains their prospective customer’s trusts by demonstrating their product quality not by scaring you. Instead, what RegCure gives in its trial version is a service which only grants you access to scan your system but not to clean it, gives you alarmingly high number of errors, and finally alerts you if these errors are not fixed you will encounter many computer problems. Thus, you have been scared and pushed to make a purchasing decision. But it does not stop there. As have been revealed by our friends previously, truly after you do the fixing process with the software will your system eventually have problems.

We have seen that in Windows maintenance aspect, RegCure does not bring prosperity to your system. In fact it turns out to bring other problems there. The same case also happens in optimization aspect: Its claim to speed up your computer performance multiple times is also not proven. I have proved this on my Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Intel Celeron 2 GHz inside, 2GB of RAM, and 160GB of hard drive space. After running the optimization process with RegCure, I did not notice the boost that is promised. My Windows startup process was still in 1 minute and 18 seconds. I also did not notice the impact to opening-application processes. Loading general application like Ms Office 2007, Windows Media Player, or Encarta Encyclopedia still needs the same exact time as before. Thus, there is no performance boost that is successfully given by RegCure.

In my opinion, RegCure fails to meet our expectation not only because its poor scanning engine, but also because it is not equipped with adequate tools to optimize, fix, and maintain your Windows. Registry cleaner simply is not enough. In PC maintenance aspect for instance, when you have a frozen Windows, you cannot just clean your registry and hope that the problem will go away because there are so many factors that could cause such problem. It could be a virus attack, missing or corrupted an important Windows system file, or a corrupted hard drive. So what you need is a software that can scan and clean your system for antivirus, Windows installation CD (that you can just pick up from your drawer anyway), or a software that can boot up your computer easily and run hard drive surface scanning from there. Look at RegCure, it does not offer anything beyond registry cleaning features. But then here it claims it can fix all of your Windows problems.

As a conclusion, I advise you to look elsewhere if what you looking for is an all-in-one solution for your Windows optimization and maintenance purposes. Certainly, the right software with a complete set of integrated tools that are easy to use surely can help you out in these purposes. There are several products that I recommend you to try. Anyway you choose, you can test whether or not their qualities meet your expectation because almost all of them offer fully functional trial versions that range from 3 to 30 days.
















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